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Radio marketing

Launches and big event entertainment: In the marketing world, whether it’s a new series, a huge live broadcast or streaming event, a season premiere or season finale… it’s kind of a big deal.  We’re so grateful to have been able to bring our expertise to some epic radio and streaming audio marketing campaigns world-wide. Whether we’re providing full creative from concept to finished mixes, or just finishing and shipping your cut, we love the chance to help make a big impact in this unique realm. Pure theatre of the mind.  Here are some examples of the award winning work we’ve created, and below, the Radio services we offer.

Full Service Creative

from the idea to the finished mix for delivery

We'll conceptualize with you, find out your target audience and goals, then write scripts and produce the spots. You'll approve the final scripts and then the final mixes. You can be involved as much as you like. We love to handle your creative notes and "tweaks." Let's try to make your spots win awards!


Record Voice-Over and Podcasts

We’ll fully produce spots from your scripts.  We’ll book and record VO sessions. If you’re not sure which VO talent you’d like to use,  we can demo some options for you.  You can be involved as much as you like, or just hand over the copy and we’ll provide final spots for your approval/notes. With our recording services, a 100% remote production workflow is possible.

Mix and Ship

Meet Your Broadcast Specifications

If you’ve already got a cut on your Avid or Premiere and just want your spot shined up and professionally mixed- maybe some restoration on noisy dialog or a little special sound fx love?  We love it.  We work fast.  Be certain your spots are optimized at the current technical specs for delivery to Terrestrial Radio or any of the streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora.


of Video Spots

If you’ve already produced TV or streaming video spots or trailers and now you need radio or streaming audio spots for your campaign, we will produce radio versions that are way more than just a TV spot without the picture.

Easy and Fast


Need an easy quick turn-around?  Regardless of the services you require, with over 20 years in the trenches of the broadcast advertising/promo business, we specialize in meeting tight deadlines. 

Spanish Language

Se habla español

We've also delivered many spots in Espanol.  It's no problema! We cast voice talent and deliver our English language spots in Spanish for you.